Fruit Slot- The Most Popular Theme to the Slot Gamers

When we think of conventional-style slots, we consider the old AWP machines, present at casino gaming floors. Those machines mostly comprise 3 reels, and you may find few common symbols.

sizzling hot

Online casino industry has now turned out to be much competitive. Thus, the game makers and the casino sites are trying to apply innovativeness and originality. However, while it is a slot game, most of them try to make the safest approach. In the world of casino, fruit slot is not new to the players. Although this is a conventional slot them, it is still entertaining to the modern players. You can find lots of slots, having fruit themes and symbols. Let’s now see the reasons behind the popularity of these slots.


Fruit slot- How they were in the past?

We are not sure of the inventor of slot systems. However, some say that Charles Fay created the slot for the first time, and this slot was known as Liberty Bell. That was a very simple game to the players, and it comprised 1 payline, three reels and five symbols, like spade, diamond, bell, heart and horseshoe.


In the past, gambling for the real cash was not legal. That is why the players had a chance of getting various flavoured chewing gums as their winnings. By viewing at the slot reels, they could know their winning symbols.

How are the fruit-themed slots different from other slots?

By looking at the prizes and mechanics, you may find minor difference of the ordinary slot systems and the fruit machines. The standard features of the fruit slots are the nudge and hold. Nudge enables players in moving the reels to create the winning symbol combinations. The hold feature helps in retaining the place of symbols and in re-spinning other slot reels. In most of the UK slots, you can find these features. You can get jackpot prize by dealing with the fruit machines. Lots of fruit slots give an option of having credits from everyday winnings to enjoy another jackpot game.

Most of us believe that the fruit theme is available in only the old slot versions. However, Novamatic game, Sizzling Hot, is the latest slot version, having fruit theme. The fruit symbols of the game have various values, and you may find the values after hitting them. Thus, play this fruit slot and win more from it.

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